7 Best Beach Bars in San Diego for a Summer Drink

Located just north of Crystal Pier, in the heart of Pacific Beach (PB), the JRDN at the Tower 23 Hotel is a popular establishment that serves up chili and mango margaritas and other delicacies with views of the blue skyline. Combine a Marg with chef Stephen Gage's yellow cola raw or scallops sprinkled with fennel pollen to create that beachy atmosphere full of happiness. You can simply order a tiki cocktail, a mai tai or a sauvignon blanc to enjoy the view of the sublime Del Mar coastline from this spot. But don't forget to try delicious dishes such as roasted fish with achiote, steak and wedge salad, and a variety of small seafood and meat dishes.

Believe it or not, San Diego's first amusement park was Wonderland on Ocean Beach (known as OB by locals). The park closed in 1915, but the Wonderland Ocean Pub is a testament to what it once was. From the outside, Ye Olde Plank Inn doesn't look like much. And honestly, their tiki interior decor doesn't seem like a big deal either.

However, its proximity to the beach, its cheap beer and its exclusive atmosphere for locals make the Ye Olde Plan Inn a top-notch place in the quintessential territory of San Diego's beach bums. Slowly but surely, more gentrified options are opening up in the area. For exclusive dining at a contemporary dive bar, The Duck Dive is a major player in the PB bar scene. Locals love fried potatoes with duck fat, clean bathrooms, and other gourmet foods.

Or, check out Crushed, with its modern atmosphere, great value for money meals and craft beer. However, despite a kind of rejuvenation, these places become a nighttime scene after the dinner service and can be a bit festive during weekend sports. Literally just a few steps from the sand, the PB Shore Club is the perfect place to take a break from the sun's rays or watch an incredible sunset. The menu emphasizes Mexican food, such as quesadillas with 26% natural grass, lobster tacos, California burritos and more.

In fact, they're known for their delicious fish tacos, a San Diego tradition. Drinks are plentiful, with a long list of local beers. The space isn't huge, which means it can be cluttered. Try to sit in the area with the windows open to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Special drink offers, bingo Mondays, and a crowd that ranges from retirees to college graduates are just part of the charm of this place. If you spend an extended period of time in San Diego without visiting The Comber, you've failed! If drinking on the beach were a competitive sport, San Diego would be the equivalent of Super Bowl champions. Here's an overview of seven of San Diego's best beach bars for an unforgettable summer drink experience. The C-Level Lounge is built on sturdy stilts over the north of San Diego Bay and offers truly spectacular views.

Ye Olde Plank Inn is an exclusive spot for locals that offers cheap beer and an intimate atmosphere. The Duck Dive is perfect for those looking for exclusive dining at a contemporary dive bar. Crushed is great for those looking for modern atmosphere and great value for money meals and craft beer. PB Shore Club is known for its delicious fish tacos and long list of local beers.

The Comber is perfect for those looking for special drink offers and bingo Mondays. Wonderland Ocean Pub is an homage to San Diego's first amusement park.