Exploring the Best Speakeasies in San Diego for Nightlife

It's all in the name, there's something daring and noble about the concept of speakeasies, and Noble Experiment is no exception. The Gothic-inspired secret of the Gaslamp Quarter is detailed with elegant white booths, a chandelier adorned with jewels and soft red lighting to create an atmosphere of secrecy. Settle down next to the bronze skull wall and the bar with all the exhibition as you decide what mix of premium liquors, seasonal syrups, and beautifully displayed garnishes you'll enjoy throughout the night. Bright and refreshing, classic and simple, their mixologists have everything you're looking for.

The next stop on our tour is Mothership, a space-themed speakeasy run by the people of Kindred. You'll enjoy a fun atmosphere, delicious vegan delights and tropical concoctions that are simply from another world. Once you enter the mothership, you immerse yourself in the story of the speakeasy about a crew of astronauts from A, A, S, C. The mothership is trapped on a mysterious planet with no intelligent life forms, but with abundant natural resources.

The crew discovers that any natural liquid is not only tasty but also intoxicating, in a good way. Instead of trying to return “home”, the crew decides to live their lives on a permanent vacation on this wonderful planet.The mystery surrounding Room 56 begins even before you book a table, as you have to find the secret code on their website and then play their game to get a reservation. The bar is located in the Moxy Hotel in Gaslamp, where guests enter through a hidden library door and the “librarian” guides them down a spiral staircase, dimly lit by flickering candles. The intimate and elegant venue can only accommodate 25 customers at a time.Travel back in time to the days of Prohibition every time you enter one of San Diego's secret bars.

Speakeasies are springing up all over San Diego, and these eight will instantly immerse you in the debauchery of the jazz era without even breaking the law. Enjoy sumptuous old school drinks, enjoy the intimate atmosphere, and admire some of the best and most unexpected design details of the San Diego cocktail scene.Hidden 477 is a respectful tribute to mixologists from the past, including those before Prohibition and Prohibition, as well as to the neighboring cemetery. The dress code and code of etiquette are politely enforced (gentlemen, no baseball caps or flip flops allowed), and there's a dedicated mezcal tasting room. The menu is organized according to the style of the cocktail, whether it's “for sips” or a punch bowl.False Idol is home to more than 200 varieties of rum, a nod to the immersive tiki theme, as well as a burning volcano that can “erupt” at any time.

It can also be blown up by anyone who orders the Alkala the Fierce cocktail.Room 56 is Moxy San Diego's secret speakeasy. It is hidden behind a bookshelf, which you will only access after consulting with the resident “librarian” and receiving the highly protected password. Among its innovative cocktails is the Martha Mary Mercy sour, with St. George All Purpose vodka, vanilla butter, blackberry and lemon, and the six shared dishes on the food menu change daily.Located in the Gaslamp neighborhood, Prohibition is in the style of an old law firm owned by a man named Eddie O'Hare.

Once inside, you will immerse yourself in a secret underground place, with an atmosphere of yesteryear and masterfully prepared cocktails.Are you looking for an intimate and exclusive bar that serves unique drinks amidst a wall of skulls? Noble Experiment is waiting for you. A reservation is the only way to get a seat in the impeccably decorated space, located inside the Neighborhood restaurant, in East Village.

San Diego

has plenty of hidden bars that are tucked away behind secret entrances or require unique codes for entry. Garibaldi is one of few rooftop speakeasies in San Diego that offers fantastic views of Portside Pier and Star of India.

Its underground location plus its must-see status make it worth trying to get into this Alice in Wonderland-themed wine bar located behind a hidden door. Some night owls prefer to go unnoticed and luckily for them San Diego's lively nightlife has several hidden bars with witty themes and cocktails. So if you're looking for something undercover in “America's Finest City” let's start taking an undercover tour of best speakeasies in San Diego. The San Diego Tourism Authority is funded in part by San Diego Tourism Marketing District Corporation with evaluation funds from City of San Diego Tourism Marketing District.